ute decker - ethical jewellery in fairtrade gold, recycled silver, bio resin. sculptural and architectural jewellery
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enso circle, minimalist jewellery, japanese aesthetic, wabi sabi, ethical jewellery, sculptural jewellery, wearable sculptures


neck sculpture

ensō circles

This neck piece is a meditation on the ensō, the single brushed circle which is a prevalent symbol of Zen calligraphy.

The piece is made of one continuous line in 100% recycled silver. I enjoy exploring the balance of composition through asymmetry and irregularity. Objects may appear to be simple overall yet subtle details, such as texture and colour, line, shape, movement, light, shadows and empty space are used to celebrate the richness of simplicity.

The ensō is regarded as a potent symbol of how we may engage with the world in a mindful life.

Yet in Zen it is not the symbolical that counts but our actions. It is in this spirit that I choose exclusively sustainable materials for my pieces such as recycled & Fairtrade Silver or Fairtrade gold.

In Zen tradition the ensō carries a variety of complex meanings. It represents the oneness of life and all things, the spirit of harmonious cooperation, simplicity and the cyclical nature of existence.

The individual circles of the neck piece seem like distinct entities yet are part of one single continuum, only lightly held by 3 small red silk knots. When one circle moves the constellation of the entire piece will be affected. Thus the piece responds in subtle and unpredictable ways to the body and how the custodian – the wearer – engages with the object.


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architectural jewellery

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